Brad is a founding partner in Solum Lang Architects, LLC. Growing up in Iowa, hard work and honesty have always been in of Brad’s character

Al believes communication is the key to success of any project.  He takes principles of energy efficient and environmental design seriously and is able to take a project from design to project completion.

Jeff has been working with Solum Lang Architects since May, 2005. He sees architecture as a process, and believes that the best solution can only be reached after the client’s needs are truly understood.


Darci loves the face to face interactions that happens with a client. That first hand relationship is what helps a project run smoothly from start to finish. From schematic design to construction administration, Darci is eager and able to get involved and will strive to come up with the best solution possible.

Elyse has always been enthusiastic about the design process. As a child she always had a pencil or a paintbrush in her hand and her path towards a career in design seemed apparent. Utilizing both architecture and graphic design degrees she enjoys making architecture an art.

Becca believes in thoughtful design. She knows that making a space that is equally aesthetically pleasing and functional will only add to the client's satisfaction. With her interior design and finance degrees, she understands that all aspects of the design process are important to the success of a project.


Eric graduated from Iowa State University in 2009 with a Bachelors of Architecture. His intense interest in design technology has led him to teaching in addition to architecture. He believes that working hard and continuing education are important to success.

Alfredo is interested in the pairing of human elements with architecture; creating functional environments tailored to the needs of the users. After serving five years in the U.S. Navy Alfredo had the opportunity to attend college. He graduated from California Polytechnic State University with a Bachelor of Architecture and a minor in Sustainable Environments.

Mitch joined the team in 2017 after graduating with a Bachelors of Architecture from Iowa State University. In his eyes, architecture is a series of complex problems to be solved with simple solutions across a variety of scales. He embraces the opportunity to play a positive role in the future of the built environment.